Question 2. I've never had a maid service, how do I get started?

Submit a quote request so you have an idea of the estimated cleaning time for your home. Most people prefer an initial deep cleaning to start and then switch to routine cleaning service at a frequency that suits them. House cleaning is hard work and a first cleaning or one-time cleaning is by far the most labor intensive as we are bringing the house up to sparkling clean. After the first deep cleaning, it will take much less time to maintain that new high level of cleanliness. A first time deep cleaning can be one and a half to two times longer than a routine cleaning. Some people prefer to start using the compressed routine cleaning time and a priority list. Since it can take quite a bit more time to get the entire home up to that first high level of cleaning perfection, we'll cover your priority areas first, and as we continue to come and clean your home, the little 'extras' that make up a deep cleaning will be rotated in, and eventually we will have your entire home sparkling (usually within three to five cleanings). Note that we cannot guarantee that we will be able to complete all items you have on your priority list, or get the entire house cleaned if you elect to go with a fixed, compressed time limit for cleaning, but we will do the best job we can and clean as much as possible within your time limits. Some clients enjoy service on a frequent basis, and have us clean only their high priority, high traffic areas. That's perfectly fine with us. Just tell us the amount of time, give us your list and we're good to go! The difference between all these options is simply your desires and expectations. We'll start up your service any way you'd like and we'll work as hard as we can on which ever type of cleaning you prefer. We're here to make your life easier, just let us know how we can start. Rest assured, no matter how we start, we don't mess around with clean.