Question 3. How do I prepare for the cleaning?

First, discuss your wants and needs with the office to make sure your home specifics are well documented and clear. Make sure you inform us of any pet instructions, keys, alarms or other specifics about your household. If there are any trouble areas, or pet peeves, you should mention them at this time so we can bring any special cleaning supplies and be prepared to address these issues on our first visit. Hand down, clutter is the number one thing that slows us down. Our house cleaners are ready to go when they get there; they really want to start the dirty work, but first have to pick up all the newspapers, magazines, the 500 Lego's your kids left out, bobby pins on the bathroom floor, cups and glasses, dirty dishes, clothing and shoes strewn all over that need to be picked up and put away before we even can start to clean. Nick knacks are closely related to clutter. Now we realize that nick-knacks can be treasured above all else, but nick-knacks are clutter as well, and just the fact that you have all these treasures causes extra dust and grime to built up in the general area. (It takes quite a bit of time to pick up and wipe down those thirty miniature vases on your shelf, so we know you most likely do not clean them very frequently, if at all) . We don't mind picking all the stuff up- hey; don't forget we are getting paid for it. But it is not the most effective use of your money and the time we should be spending on the real reason you hired us to come to your home. Does this make sense? What task is more important to you? Picking up little Nicole and Danielle's clothes and the dishes in their rooms, and Tammy's toy cars and Lego’s, or really scrubbing that bathroom until it sparkles? Of course, we do pick up all the clutter we find, its part of our job. But please be aware that it will cause your cleaning to take a bit longer if the amount of clutter is excessive.