Carpet Cleaning

Transform your old carpet into new at a reasonable price!

Carpet Cleaning Near Me.

Carpet cleaning service is provided according to the highest standards. We inspect your carpet to ensure the best cleaning method and results.  Our cleaning maids are experienced carpet cleaners. At Preferred Maids Inc. we use all the latest machines and Eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning and sanitizing agents. Our service will leave your carpet looking fresh and new without fading its original the glow and color.

A clean carpet enhances the look and the feel of your home.  Professional cleaning restores and renovates the appearance of your carpet, making it looks and smells as good as new. Good maintenance of your home and office carpet contributes a great deal to the hygiene, look and feel of your home and office.  In addition, it is a much more cost-effective and less time consuming solution to carpet replacement. We follow a well defined process to ensure consistent quality service to our customers.

1. Carpet spot per-inspection and furniture moving
2. Identifying and locating different stains including pet stains on the carpet as necessary.
3. Spotted area (carpet) per-treating with Eco-friendly cleaning agents
4. Hot Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning the carpet .

Hot Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning-The carpet cleaning method that we use is known as hot water extraction or steam cleaning. This is the method that is recommended by almost every carpet manufacturer. Cleaning solutions are injected deep into the carpet at high pressure and are instantly extracted.
A non-soap cleaner is used so that no soapy residue is left behind to attract dirt to the carpet.

    Solution temperature is maintained for optimal cleaning. Typically 150 degrees or higher is optimal.
    The pressure of the solution being sprayed onto the carpet is high enough to penetrate the carpet fibers deep down.
    The Vacuum power of the machine is sufficient to remove the majority of the cleaning solution and soil particles.
    Most importantly is the operator. Making sure that the cleaning procedure is not rushed will usually assure good results.

5. Post Inspection to eliminate any stains that have been left out.
6. Carpet Grooming & Treatment with non-toxic carpet protector to maintain the new look
7. Move and replace furniture in its original position. Our team does not move large pieces of furniture 
8. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction. We offer outstanding service at a competitive price.

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