Fulfilling Our Mission

Fulfilling Our Mission Keeps Us Busy.

 House Cleaning Services Near Me

When we started our house cleaning business, it was our mission to provide the very best housecleaning service in our area. If the response from our clients is any indication, we have succeeded in that goal. Very often when people call wanting our service we have to tell them that we are all booked up. Our waiting list can stretch out for several weeks, and sometimes for months. The good news is that we currently have room in our schedule in your neighborhood — the bad news is that once these openings are filled, it may be some time before we can fit in any new clients.

Our Product Is Our “People.”
 Our business is housecleaning, but our product is our people. We are fortunate to have been blessed with great employees who take sincere pride in looking after the regular housecleaning needs of our clients.
Because of the high standards we look for in the people we employ, only the best job candidates are handpicked to work on one of our teams. From what our clients tell us, our cleaning teams are unbeatable (if you’ll excuse our bragging).

Not All House cleaners Are The Same
Housecleaning services are as different as the people performing the work. Finding and keeping good help is a major challenge in our industry. It’s not easy finding good people, but it’s our full-time job and it’s a job we do very well. We know how to find, screen, train, motivate and manage the kind of employees with whom our clients feel comfortable — people who are sometimes even thought of as an “extension of the family.” This is a major reason we’re more often than not completely booked up.

We’d Like To Earn Your Loyalty, Too
Our clients don’t keep us coming back week after week because they’re obligated to. They do so because we earn it. They come to depend on us for our reliability, integrity, and for the consistent high quality of our housecleaning service.
If you’ve been thinking about joining the millions of Americans who have found freedom from housework by turning to a professional cleaning service — or if you’re not totally happy with the cleaning service you’re currently using — why not give us a call today?

As a result of staff and scheduling changes, we are now in a position to accept new housecleaning clientele in your neighborhood. But these openings won’t last — so call now for more information!

Call us or text at: 860-659-8414